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Faq's for Custom Embroidered Linens

  1. Can I order my custom linens in a different size? Can I order my custom linens with a scallop? Can I order my custom linens in a different color?
  2. Can I order fabric swatches or thread swatches for my custom linens?
  3. What is Pique? What is the difference between Birds Eye Pique, Dakota Pique, Diamond Pique and BuckEye Pique? What is the difference?
  4. How long will it take to receive my custom linen order?
  5. How do I care for my new custom linens?
  6. Can I mail my wallpaper or fabric samples to have my colors coordinated?
  7. Do you embroider on a customers own merchandise (COM)?

Can I order my Custom Embroidered Linens in a different size? Can I order my linens with a scallop? Can I order my linens in a different color?

Yes to all! While we may be showing an embroidered collection in a particular sheeting color, thread count or with a scallop or straight edge, ALL of our Custom Embroidered Linens may be ordered to your specific requirements. The options available are endless. We offer custom sizing, up to 1000TC sheeting, a range of sheeting colors, scallop or straight edge or attached borders, quilted pique coverlets and shams, and additional lines of embroidery or borders. All of these options also make it possible to work with just about any budget!

Note: Most all of the embroidered designs shown are available as Bed Linens (sheets, cases, duvet covers, shams, bed coverlets, pillows) as well as Bath Linens (towels, mats, shower curtains). Any design you see embroidered as bed linens may also be embroidered as bath linens and vice versa.

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Can I order fabric swatches or thread swatches for my Custom Embroidered Linens? Can I mail my wallpaper or fabric samples to have my colors coordinated?

Yes!  We make every effort to be sure that our collections show as true a color as possible on our website. However, customer monitors may vary and thus colors may not always appear true in appearance. Don't make a mistake! If you are uncertain of what color to order or are overwhelmed with how many colors to choose from, you may mail  to us you wallpaper, fabric, paint, carpet, tile swatches, etc. and we can quickly go straight to the embroidered threads or fabric samples that best coordinate with your swatch. This is the best and the quickest way to coordinate your swatches to our fabrics and threads.

We will mail you your thread swatches usually within 5-7 business days. Fabric swatches typically can be mailed within 5-7 business days, while tape border swatches may take up to 3 weeks to receive for the most current dye lot available. Embroidery thread swatches for most collections are also available as well as tape swatches for our linens that have an attached piped border. Stitch-out threads are also available. Please order your requests here>>

Note: Dye lots can change, particularly with the tape border swatches.

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What is Pique? What is the difference between Birds Eye Pique, Dakota Pique, Diamond Pique and BuckEye Pique? What is the difference?

Pique (pee-kay) is a French word describing a woven fabric that has a special appearance referred to as Birds Eye or Diamond Pique. The fabric is typically cotton, cotton/polyester blends or some other make. The all over dot appearance is referred to as Birds Eye or Buckeye Pique, while the all over small diamond pattern is referred to as Diamond or Dakota Pique. These light to medium weight fabric are the preferred choice for embroidering and for monogramming when constructed as bed coverlets, duvet covers, shams, bed skirts, shower curtains and robes.

Birds Eye Pique and Diamond Pique wear well in the wash and tend to be lighter weight. Buckeye Pique and Dakota Pique wear extremely well in the wash for years and years and is more densely woven making them very durable. All of our piques are made of a cotton/polyester blend and are all machine wash and low heat dry. See Pique swatches here>>

Note: We are able to offer most of our Pique fabrics in 100% Egyptian Cotton, however we do require that the fabric be pre-shrunk. Please call for quote. The all cotton fabrics typically do not have the same lasting quality as our cotton/polyester fabrics and may not be as suitable for daily use.

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How long will it take to receive my custom linen order?

All embroidered items are custom cut and custom sewn to order for each customer. Signature Embroidered Bath Towels, Guest Towels and select Table Items can usually be shipped within a few days. All other embroidered items typically deliver in about 4-6 weeks. During peak seasons, such as Bridal or Holiday season, delivery may run to 6-8 weeks.

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How do I care for my new custom linens?

All of our embroidered linens are created to be used and to be cared for easily. A medium wash and a low heat dry is basically all that is needed. There are some precautions to be attended to as with all of your special fine linens or other special home collections, such as:

  • No Bleach! or any detergents with any mention of a 'bleaching agent' or other additives.  We highly recommend specialty linen detergents or other fine linen detergent. The simpler the detergent, the better. Use the newer detergents with additional additives, softeners or other 'organic' labels with care.
  • Use a medium wash cycle or permanent press wash cycle with cool temperature/low heat temperature. Remove your embroidered items from the wash right away. Do not leave any embroidered, applique or applied border items sitting in the washing machine for any extended time.
  • Do not 'bone dry' your linens by over drying. This can sometimes cause 'pilling'. Remove promptly and smooth to fold or place back on the bed. This will help to eliminate any wrinkling, especially for your sheets. Your pique items have very little wrinkling. The more you wash and use your sheeting items, the less they will wrinkle over time.
  • While not necessary, we do recommend that your special linens not be washed with other fabric blends. This can sometimes cause 'pilling'. This will also extend the life of your linens.
  • If you like your sheeting items to be freshly pressed crisp and smooth, you may press with an iron and use a damp cloth to help set the fabric. Use your favorite starch if desired.
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Do you embroider on a customers own merchandise (COM)?

In general, we usually do not embroider on a customer's fabric or merchandise as we select our items for quality and specifically for embroidery. We will not embroidery on any item that has been used or previously washed, silk, or antique items. We have consistently embroidered monograms on chair backs, pillows, lounge chair covers, and other projects for customers and designers. Monograms for COM projects must be selected from the 'Couture Monogram' section. A Disclaimer Agreement must be submitted by the customer or designer waiving all liability against Bella Lino Custom Linens with regards to embroidering on COM items.

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Luxury linens and bedding linens are much more than a famous name or 'too much talk' about thread count. Luxury linens are first and foremost about discovering and enhancing your own individual style to create a decor that makes you feel at home. Select from a vast array of fabulous styles that are sure to suit your desires and requirements. View our exquisitely detailed embroidered bedding collections, luxury linens with fine delicate embroidery or standout monogramming (or both!) , fashion luxury bedding ensembles showcasing today's color and design themes, easy care matelasse coverlets, and quilts that have come a long way.  Luxury fabrics woven from fine Egyptian and other fine cottons, silks and linen make our collections real and unique. Excellent craftsmanship, dressmaker details, and quality fabrications  create great design and style.....a style we are sure you will find here at Bella Lino Luxury Linens! And as always, if you have any questions, or prefer to place your order over  the phone, please call for personal attention.


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